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Social Thinking Materials

Akin Road Elementary School

The Social Thinking books teach the whole student body important social skills.  These materials offer a wide range of strategies that address student strengths and weaknesses in processing social information.

"I use the social skills books for my classroom and small group lessons all the time! They provide an engaging way for students to learn about friendship, family changes, problem solving, and other important life skills. One of my favorite books is "Peer Pressure Gauge," which I use in 4th grade classrooms to help teach Healthy Choices."


              -Jody Pfeiffer, Akin Road Counselor


The Social Thinking books are located in the Akin Road Media Center for staff and students to check out.

My students"love" the Julia Cook books that were bought with this grant. They walk in the room, immediately start reading them while waiting for everyone to arrive and checking, reread them, ask to earn time to take them home for a weekend to reread and definitely relate to the message being conveyed.


Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. We have kept some of the copies in our room so that the 24 students in our social skills class have them readily available on a daily bases.


          -Elizabeth Brandt, Akin Road Teacher


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