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Past Grants 2023 - 2020

Grants 2023

VEX Robots.jpeg

VEX Robots

Boeckmen Middle School was awarded $7,896 for VEX Robots.

Graphing Calculator.png

Graphing Calculators

Farmington High School was awarded $4,500 for 40 Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS CE Graphing Calculator.

Grants 2022


Storytelling Kits

Farmington Elementary School was awarded $1,251.63 for storytelling kits.

Hands on Equations.jpg

Hands on Equations

Akin Road Elementary School was awarded $1,044.96 for Hands on Equations class set for teachers and 30 students.


Sturdy Stools and Maker Space Materials

Akin Road Elementary School was awarded $2,000 for sturdy stools and maker space materials.

Jungle room.png

Reef & Jungle Room


Riverview Elementary Schools was awarded $4,551 for materials for a reef & Jungle Room, which includes  climbing walls, scaler net, agility ladder, Ninja course slanted steps and Maneuver Maze.

Grant 2021

NTES WiFi.png

Wi-Fi Signal Expansion Districtwide

ISD 192 receives grant to enhance outdoor learning spaces by expanding the outdoor Wi-Fi Signal for all school in the Farmington School District.

Grants 2020


Electric Keyboard


Boeckman & Dodge Middle School were awarded $3,532.54 for 20 Casio CT-X700 keyboards (61 keys) with necessary cables and power strips.

Samba Batucada.png
Garden Club.jpg

Garden Club

Boeckman Middle school was awarded $178.64 for planting supplies for planting trays, pots, and soil to start the summer gardening indoors in late winter/early spring.


ozobots 4.jpg


Akin Road Elementary Media Center was awarded $2,400 to purchase a kit of 18 Ozobots and supportive resources. An Ozobot is a robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper.

read woke.jpeg


Farmington High School Science Department was awarded $1,919.78 for a Nexstar Computerized telescope, starsense Auto-align, and carring case for a new Astronomy course at FHS.

Samba Batucada

Farmington High School was awarded $2,179.88 for a set of traditional Samba Batucada instruments.  The Farmington High School Music program will utilize these instruments to continue to broaden students' exposure to the music of different cultures and styles in order to gain a larger understanding and appreciation of other cultures' music.

GEL Students


Akin Road Elementary School was awarded $2,250 to purchase 30 heavy duty zipped totes and thematic materials for kindergarten students.  GEL students will plan, research, and determine the contents prior to ordering appropriate supplies for each tote.  Items in the totes may include books, games, puppets, experiments, coloring activities and crayons, etc.

Read Woke

Farmington High School Media Center was awarded $1,443.15 to purchase the books for Read Woke.  What is Read Woke? It is a national reading campaign, created by high school librarians in response to our unsettling times, that strives to raise awareness and foster empathy for all, regardless of orientation, race, religion, or creed.

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